I am the author of 27 books. I have written extensively for The New York Times, Family Circle, and Good Housekeeping and served as an editor at several national publications, including Cosmopolitan.

Kensington Publications published the fifth novel in my Happy Hoofers Mystery series last year. It stars five women tap dancers who solve murders in between performances.

High Kicks, Hot Chocolate and HomicidesThe fifth novel is called High Kicks, Hot Chocolate and Homicides and takes place in Radio City Music Hall where my heroines dance with the Rockettes. All the Happy Hoofer mysteries are cozies and are suspenseful and funny, full of music, laughter, recipes and the friendship of five women.

To find out more about the mysteries and watch me tapdance, check out this video ... Enjoy!

I am available for speaking engagments related to my books and would be happy to hear from my readers. E-mail me at mmchugh655@aol.com.

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