China the China’ economic growth. The 2016 population

China is one
of countries in East Asia and it is located along of the Pacific Ocean. China
is the third largest country after Russia and Canada and second largest country
in Asia; however, it is the most populated country in the world which is 19% of the world’s
population and the population still keeps growing. The significant increasing of China’s population is one of the major
factors which contribute to the China’ economic growth. The 2016 population was
estimated at nearly 1.379 billion and it have been increasing over the decades.

 In 2030, China’s population is predicted
estimated 1.6 billion people with the estimated annual increase at 0.5 %
annually. Meanwhile, India’s population has greater estimated annual increase
at 1.3% even though the India’s population is less has been estimated 1.324
billion and still keep going. (Census Bureau) India will more than likely surpass China’s

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