Material included anyone who presented to the unit

and Methods:

Research Design: In
the current study; a pretest-posttest control group quasi-experimental design
was used.

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Setting: The current study took
place in shock wave lithotripsy unit at Prince Mutaib
Bin Abelaziz Center Hospital.



sample of patients for this study included anyone who presented to the unit and
required first session of shock wave lithotripsy treatment. A convenience
sample consisted of 74 subjects meeting the study criteria. The patients were divided into study and
control group. The study group (37 patients) received the designed
instructions by the researcher before ESWL procedure, while the control group
(37patients) did not receive any instructions prior to ESWL procedure other
than the routine hospital instructions. Patients examined in this unit are on a
waiting list and are given an appointment for the examination.


Inclusion criteria:

The subjects had to
be 18 years of age or older (male and female), with upper urinary tract stone
(renal and upper ureter stones) undergoing first session of ESWL procedure.

Exclusion criteria:  

Patients with previous
ESWL session, patients with anxiety disorders and mental disabilities who
aren’t able to understand the teaching module.


Tools: Four tools
were used to collect data for the study:

1.  An interviewing questionnaire sheet: This questionnaire
was designed by the researchers and composed of two parts:

Part 1 Demographic and Medical Data: such as sex,
age, marital status, and level of education, type of the stone … etc.
2 knowledge assessment questionnaires: it
was designed by researchers after
the extensive literature. It
consist of  10 questions
assess patient’s knowledge about ESWL, contraindications, preparation, post -ESWL
complications, and post procedure management. The
scoring system for the questionnaire was as follows;
the correct complete answer was given the score of “2”, the correct
incomplete answer was given “1” and the wrong answer was given
the score of “zero”.  Percentage
= Obtained score /
total score x 100. Based upon scoring system utilized the
knowledge levels were categorized as follows: poor


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