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Throughout the history of women, they have been held back from obtaining their dreams. Inequality focused on “colored people” for centuries, but women also never had opportunities like men did, whether they are white, black, latina, asian, etc. Women have fought for equality since the 19th century and finally were granted voting rights in 1869, but this does not mean women were as equal to men or that oppression just disappeared. In “The Classic Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar there are so many ideas of feminism and the oppression of women. Females are taught to become obedient to males and females rebel against society’s norm because it is important; therefore throughout the fairy tales, the authors essentially address the issue of oppression and the absence of freedom during the 1690s. The oppression of women is analyzed by a variety of credible articles, an article in particular is by Psychology Today which addresses how “the maltreatment of women has more deep-rooted psychological causes” (Taylor 2). There is a clear division of society through the oppression of women. There is a continuance of aggression in men that is projected onto women and the oppression of women stems mainly from a man’s desire for total power and control. This is the same need that throughout history, has driven men to try to overpower and basically enslave other groups. While men oppress other groups in their own society it causes them to dominate and oppress women. On the other hand, men have a small weakness that is “the sexual power that women have over them” (Taylor 4). Since men feel the need to boost their power and control, they constantly take power and control from women. Men refuse women the right to make decisions so that they can make them for them and essentially leaving the woman unable to handle her own life. Basically, they are trying to raise their sense of importance and place, in an effort to balance the unhappiness in their lives. In the fairy tale “Catskin” (Cinderella) by Joseph Jacobs, which is a version of Cinderella, there is not necessarily an evil stepmother, but just a title of “cook.” As the story progresses it is clear that the cook is degrading Catskin, “What! You dirty impudent slut” (Jacobs 123). Because the cook is a woman, this is oppression from woman to woman. While normally it is caused from a man, it is very common in Cinderella stories of a motherly figure to inflict pain onto their stepchildren. Many of the fairy tales show women being degraded. However, the reflection of how society has always suppressed a specific gender due to norms even during a time when people think that equality truly exists, is outrageous. 1690 was a difficult time period, yet women did so much for men and children. Women do not get the respect or equality they deserve, much like Cinderella, “let me never see her face” (Jacobs 122). Even Catskin’s own father did not want to see her which is very tragic. There is a disadvantage to being a woman and everyone knows, men are simply the superior gender and have always made sure that it is very clear to the women. In different cultures there is a strong hostility towards women, seeing them as ” impure and innately sinful creature” (Taylor 3). They also believe women have been “sent by the devil to lead men astray” (Taylor 3).  So, women’s sexual power must provoke their need for control. This means that they do not have complete control of women, or their own bodies, like they desire. Men are able to force women to cover their faces and bodies. A man’s inhumanity to a woman can partly be seen as a vengeance for being able to sexually arouse a man without even trying. As time progresses the facts became clear and women have been granted a lot of equal opportunities over the past centuries. There is not enough evidence to explain the horrible history of man’s cruelty to woman. The only two explanations that make credible theories are the deep-rooted psychological thoughts and  social structure differences between men and women. While most people believe that the oppression of women just happens while talking to women disrespectfully, that does not necessarily make sense. One of two theories is the most credible, biological differences in men and women which essentially focuses on “women’s ‘caring’ and ‘nurturing’ natures and men’s ‘violence’ and ‘aggression’ (Thomas1). Psychologist’s focal point is social structure determinism, such as where, when, and how a person is raised. The second theory is there are deep-rooted psychological thoughts in men that causes the oppression of women. Taylor has found a disorder called “humania,” which has a symptom of the maltreatment of women (Taylor 2).


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