Varghese meets a young American girl named Daisy

                                                                                                                                                                Varghese 3 Aiswarya Elizabeth Varghese                  John PaulEnglish-110629 January 2018                                           Daisy miller        A novel by henry James, it is the story of an American girl in Europe named daisy Miller, it is told by a narrator who only have access to thoughts of winterbourne who is one of the main characters in the novel. The story is about daisy who is a flirtatious, loud and open kind of girl and some believe that she is an innocent her life she just wanted to have fun with the company she please. She was shunned from society because of her behavior. Daisy is a merely misunderstood woman. The story equally focuses on winterbourne who is the hero of the story, whose hobby was studying women and he was a gentleman with social credibility. This novella has a lot of underlying themes such as knowledge, innocence and outward action. The story also shows the gap between what people believe to be true and the actual truth.        In the start of the novel the narrator tells us that winterbourne came to Geneva to meet Mrs. Costello-a foreign lady to whom he was extremely devoted. He also tells “winterbourne was an extremely amiable fellow and universally liked.” There he meets a young American girl named Daisy Miller. When he saw her he told “American girls are the best girls” to daisy’s brother Randolph. He thought in his mind that she is extraordinarily and wonderfully pretty. “in Geneva, as he had been perfectly aware, a young man was not at liberty to speak to a young unmarried lady expect under certain rarely occurring conditions ;but here at Vevay what conditions are better than these?-a pretty American girl coming and standing in front of you in a garden.” As Daisy didn’t respond to what he was telling, Winterbourne thought he is talking too much but he still continued talking to her, there was no alternation in her behavior which made him think that she is a flirtatious girl. On the same day they meet both of them decide to go to the castle.Winterbourne is so charmed with her spontaneity and her attitude of overlooking everything else. Furthermore he get to know that she is acting innocent.        When he talks about her to Mrs. Costello, she tells him that “she is a young lady who has an intimacy with her mamma’s courier.” And tell him that they are not a good family and daisy is low in social scale, but still winterbourne thinks that she is the prettiest and innocent girl he have ever met. He didn’t change his decision to go with her to the castle. During the visit to castle, Daisy was informed that winterbourne has to leave the next day. She makes him promise to meet her in Rome that winter. In Rome daisy is accompanied by an Italian guy named Giovanelli. Mrs. Costello tells winterbourne that “she has picked up half a dozen of the regular roman fortune-hunters, and she takes them about to people’s house.” She advises winterbourne to stay away from her, but he is largely blind to the honesty and innocence that daisy imparts because he have trouble recognizing her character from what Mrs. Costello has told him. After this winterbourne meet Mrs. Miller’s family and comes to know that she got a new Italian friend and she was telling that he is a gentleman with a very pretty face.         Some other day she introduces winterbourne to Giovanelli. Three of them walk for a long time and Mrs. walker notices this and tries to convince daisy to come with her but daisy is least bothered. She informs winterbourne that daisy’s reckless habits is shocking to people around her. But he still maintains that she is an innocent and careless girl. Winterbourne continues to believe her innocence until he passes by the colosseum (henry-83) late one night, he warns her that she should leave from the nest of malaria, but she is unconcerned. She talks like an unprincipled person that she will never die of perniciosa (henry 97)winterbourne realize that “she is a young lady whom a gentleman no longer be at pains to respect.” all this makes him to turn away from daisy and the freedom she offers. She became the object of mean-spirited gossip because she lacks the reserve of her culture when dealing with men. Daisy falls ill and dies at the end. She leaves a message for winterbourne which makes him think that she was an innocent girl and she treated everyone the same which made her sinful in front of the whole society.       In short, daisy was a girl who treated all people with the same respect and courtesy. Such an attitude of her was hypocritical which made the European society to chatter about her. Winterbourne who was interested in observing people,slides daisy to the negative end of the spectrum finally concludes that she was an ingenuous girl. We as a society rather than judging people based on appearance, we should look at ourselves and try to do what is good for humanity.                                                              Works citedJames; Henry 🙁 Daisy Miller); 1878, edited by Kristin Boudreau and Megan Stoner Morgan, Broadview Editions, 2012.                                                              


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